November 22, 2020

Theme Park International Announces New Partner Brand

At the end of the 2019 theme park season, the Theme Park Media Group announced a new brand, Theme Park Photography, in which is the new partner of Theme Park International. This new brand aims to provide high quality photographs of theme parks around the world by delivering this content through a wide range of social media channels.

This new brand has also seen the arrival of the 4th brand that the Theme Park Media Group have, building a strong group of theme park channels which is a group wide mission of ours. Be sure to check back for more exciting content coming soon about Theme Park Photography as the 2020 season begins.

About Theme Park International

-   Welcome to Theme Park International, a theme park fan based social media channel that provides its viewers with the latest theme park news & updates across a number of social media platforms and their website. Find us on Twitter @tpi_updates, Facebook @internationalthemepark, and on Instagram @themeparkinternational2020.

Here at Theme Park International, we are always looking out for guests of an array of theme parks across the glove to help them maximise their visit. We achieve this by creating a wide range of guides that have proven to help people make the most out of their day visiting a number of theme parks with our handy ‘Top Tips’ section in the guide or located on our website. As well as providing top tips for theme park guests, we also provide the latest theme park news to our theme park enthusiast followers that also highly enjoy the content that we publish.

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